About the association

The Keisari Family Association was established in Vilppu Keisari's home town, Soini, in 1989. Keisari Family Association organizes family festivals and meetings, does genealogical research and publishes an information bulletin (leaflets). The aim is to carry on old family traditions and to create family spirit.

There are about 30 members in the Association's research team. The Keisari family database consists of over 150 000 people. It is estimated that nowadays there are over 200 000 descendents of Vilppu and Marketta all over the world.

The association has published five books on the Keisari descendents.

Family meetings

Family meetings are held every third year and the events have been popular. The first meeting took place in Soini in 1989. After that the following meetings were held in 1991 in Evijärvi, 1993 in Alajärvi, 1996 in Pedersöre, 1999 in Kuortane, 2002 in Karstula, 2005 in Kokkola, 2008 in Lapua, 2011 the family gathered together in Lappajärvi. The latest family meeting was in Vaasa 8.8-9.8.2014. The next meeting is planned to be held in Kruunupyy (in Swedish Kronoby) 2017, when the family association celebrates its 28th birthday.


The membership is open to anybody over the age of 18 who has an ancestor in the Keisari family. Applications for membership can be mailed to the Keisari Family Association. The lifetime membership costs 200 euros and part time membership costs 15 euros/year (2014-2017).

If you want to become a member of the Keisari family association contact the bookkeeper or the secratary of the board of the association. The addresses, mobile numbers and the contact information is on the page Contacts.

Print here more about membership: Instructions för payment.