The Keisari Family

The Keisari Family Association (Keisarin sukuseura) searches the the descendents of Vilppu Keisari and Marketta Hämäläinen. Vilppu, who was born in 1562, was a farmer in Pedersöre, Kuninkaanjoenkylä, which now belongs to the town of Soini in Finland.

Keisari remained as the family's name for over 200 years until it was changed to Keisala in the 1800's. Nowadays most of the Keisari family live in the former Pedersöre county in Ostrobothnia and Middle-Finland. There are also a lot of descendents of Vilppu living in USA and Kanada today.

The Keisaris also settled in the west coast of Finland, in the swedish speaking Bothnia, so about 10% of the Keisari descendents are swedish speaking Finns.